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We explore a different location every month. We have many trips scheduled for the 2021 year

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We are a company built on supplying are customer's with brilliant and vivid scenic scuba experiences. Come take a swim with our amazing staff of instructors and students. We give the underwater experience new light to humans all over the globe.

Our total trips till now

We have have landed in many parts of the world.

Due to covid-19 tours have been limited

2020 tour's have been:

Cancun, Mexico

Egypt, Africa

St. Croix USVI

Our Staff of Instructors

We have highly trained dive professionals that will accompany every trip to act as your personal guide!

The Trip was great, I couldn't believe how close i got to a sea turtle. It was a experience that I am glade to have shared with so many fantastic people. 

Michael Alexander

Had Scuba diving on my bucket list and to be able to go to a unbelievable island and to swim with some fish's. Rick and Russ really made sure I felt comfortable in the water

Rohan Tayler
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Rick started his scuba diving career at the age of 15. He received his YMCA and NAUI open water certification in 1978.  Rick has been diving all over the world.  In 1987 he did his internship with a dive shop in St Petersburg, Florida.  He started teaching and became an instructor in 1988.  Since then he has taught at SPC south campus and Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  Over the years he has certified many divers at all levels.  He is currently an Instructor Trainer.

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Rick Butler
Master Dive Instructor Trainer

Russ is a full time Deputy Sheriff with Pinellas County and has been in Law Enforcement for 24 years, he has been diving Since 1990 and received his PADI OW certification in 1992.  In 1993 he got his SSI nitrox certification and continued sport diving, and in 2020 he started teaching scuba diving part time and is currently an SEI and PDIC Instructor.  Russ did this the old fashion way… through an Internship.  He assisted in teaching classes, fixing equipment and dive mastering existing classes.  He feels that scuba diving is a great sport and enjoys teaching it.

Russ Novak
Dive Instructor

Kyleigh has only been diving a few years and has entered into the internship program for Divemaster. She enjoys scuba, volleyball, and biking. She is our residential expert on planning on all of our upcoming dive trips. Reach out to her if you have a special place you want us to plan a trip to! Contact Kyleigh for your travel reservations!

Kyleigh Ross
Travel & Event Coordinator